Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Win a Toshiba HD DVD A2 Player Contest!

Amy over at the Blog is holding a contest where you have a chance of winning an HD DVD Player. If you couldn't choose between Blu-Ray or HD DVD, then winning this device will surely make choosing much easier.

To enter you need to discuss on your blog one of your holiday traditions. Amy is probably not talking about the arguments you may have with your family members everytime you get together with them during the holidays. I think the holiday traditions Amy is looking to hear about are more like how your family lets the kids open one present on Christmas Eve, or what I like to do each year: when my family bakes Christmas cookies each year made from cute little shapes (santa heads, snowmen, reindeer, etc), I like to help by making mutant cookies: i.e. gingerbread men with two heads, reindeer with two heads and no backside, snowmen with 2 heads for their bodies (okay that last one is actually just a normal 3 circle snowman, but it's funny when I'm making other things with multiple heads.)

So what are your traditions? Check out the contest page for more info.

Deadline: November 17th
More Info:

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Amy Grant Bayliss said...

My boys make cookies the same way!! 2 heads, 5 arms, 10 eyeballs... they love it!